Errors of Kentatsu air conditioners: how to identify a violation by code and carry out repairs


An effective and well-chosen air conditioner for a home, city apartment or office is an opportunity to create the most comfortable microclimate for relaxation or work. Agree that being cool in the summer heat is much nicer than languishing from stuffiness and heat.

Air conditioners of the Japanese brand Kentatsu, according to user and expert reviews, belong to the technique that is 100% fulfilling its tasks. Modern models are easy to install and manage, have a long service life. But no less important – they perform self-diagnostics and timely signal about breakdowns.

The user does not have to rack their brains and look for a reason for a sudden unit shutdown: Kentatsu air conditioning errors in the form of alphanumeric characters are displayed on an electronic display. In this article, we will analyze the code designations for some models and tell you how to fix unit breakdowns if a code indication is not provided.

Kentatsu Air Conditioner Classification


The Japanese manufacturer produces equipment of various capacities for the equipment of both private homes and small offices, as well as for large industrial enterprises, shopping, sports and entertainment centers.

In the holder of the brand – all kinds of modifications. There are several series split systems, channel, cassette and floor units, designed for small areas. Also under this brand are fan coil units, universal installations, multi-systems.

Enterprises usually design a combination type air conditioning system consisting of many elements: internal and external modules, pipelines for various purposes and lengths, additional devices for increasing efficiency and comfortable control

For private use, conventional split systems are more often purchased, less often – channel ones, cassette and floor units.All of them consist of 2 blocks, internal and external, and serve to ensure a healthy and comfortable microclimate inside closed rooms. Consider how they differ:

Home split systems with wall-mounted indoor unit
Channel Disguised Air Conditioners
Cassette Ceiling Split Systems
Floor or column air conditioners

External units of split systems are identical in design and principle of operation, may differ in size and additional elements to increase power, protection or ease of operation.

Among the split systems of the traditional type there are inverter equipment and “on / off” models. Actual series:

  • Bravo
  • Quantum
  • Turin
  • Titan genesis
  • Mark ii
  • Rio
  • Team

Some series are no longer available, but are still on sale. Different models differ in technical characteristics, but they are very similar in design and principle of operation, therefore, the instructions for them are the same.

It is important to know that for split systems an error code system is not provided. Malfunctions of air conditioners are determined not by the symbols on the digital display, but by objective factors - for example, the unit did not turn on or began to make uncharacteristic sounds

But for channel, cassette and floor (column) models, error codes are provided that help determine the cause of the breakdown.

Cassette: KSVQ, KSVR, KSZT


Universal: KSHE, KSHF


Any of the air conditioners of the listed series can be installed in the cottage, if it matches the area. But, according to statistics, more often they use low-power split-systems of the usual type with a wall module.

How to respond to error codes

Theoretically, codes can be displayed on any models that have a digital display. But in practice, not all models have this functionality. For example, with conventional Kentatsu air conditioners, a digital display located on the indoor unit serves only to demonstrate the indoor air temperature or the selected operating mode.

But in the case of column models, in addition to the general rules of action for detecting malfunctions, the instructions usually contain a small table with codes.

E01 – temperature sensors have stopped functioning correctly or have failed.

E03 – compressor cannot work due to low current.

E04 – the outdoor unit lock is activated

P02 – compressor overloaded

If you see one of these codes on the display – according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you need to contact a service center. Without fixing the breakdown, the technician will most likely not return to working mode.

Many try to solve the problem on their own. This is possible if the unit has already been removed from the warranty and if you have sufficient knowledge and skills.

E02 – there was a power overload of the compressor. It is recommended to turn off the split system for a while, and then press the “On” key again. If the device does not start working or behaves unusually – it makes uncharacteristic sounds, smokes – you need to call the technician.

P03 – during operation of the indoor unit in cooling mode, the evaporator temperature has dropped below normal.

P04 – during operation of the indoor unit in heating mode, the evaporator temperature has risen above normal.

P05 – The indoor unit delivers superheated air into the room.

Most often, these 3 problems arise for the commonplace reason: due to clogged air filter. It is necessary to lift the front panel, remove visible dirt and vacuum the filter.

In case of severe contamination – remove it, rinse, dry and reinsert it. Most often, the air conditioner is working, and if not, the help of a master certified by the manufacturer is required.

Kentatsu duct and cassette air conditioners can display error codes in two ways:

  • alphanumeric characters on the electronic display of the control panel;
  • indication – a combination of flashing LEDs.

A table with detailed explanations is given in the instructions:

The LED signals in the table are indicated by two types of symbols: a cross (x) indicates that the LED is off, and an asterisk indicates that it blinks at a frequency of 5 Hz

The manufacturer prohibits radically interfering with the operation of the air conditioner, removing or reinstalling important components on its own. But before calling the technical service, he recommends once again checking the power supply and the correctness of the selected mode.

Often, the work of climate technology stops due to a sharp change in external conditions - for example, due to overheating. It is possible if an additional heat source appears in the room.

You also need to monitor the sealing of the room: with open doors or windows, the split system will work idle.

DIY troubleshooting


And now we will consider what troubles the owner of a conventional split system may encounter, and find out how they can be eliminated by “legal” methods.

The manufacturer divides all the “oddities” of operation or stopping the device into 2 categories:

  • malfunctions;
  • phenomena reminiscent of malfunctions, but not being them.

First, we will analyze cases from the first category when the air conditioner really does not work or does not work correctly. They can be divided into 3 groups.

Split system has stopped working

Stopping the unit can occur due to the breakdown of any important node, but more often it does not turn on for banal reasons.

First, check the power supply to the device: whether the “On” button is pressed, whether the plug of the power cable is in the socket and if the machine has not been cut off due to overvoltage. Perhaps these are common power outages – try turning on the lights. If the lights do not light up, just wait for the power to return or call the Energy Supervisor.

If you use a remote control or wall-mounted control panel, the signal may not come in due to a malfunction of the batteries. Just replace the batteries with new ones, after checking the expiration date

Owners of units with a timer should never forget about the settings. If you want to enable the split system earlier than the specified time, it, of course, will not work. Be sure to check the preset settings and adjust them or simply reset.

If no actions help, and the air conditioner does not respond in any way to attempts to turn it on, you will have to call technical service.

Inadequate cooling or heating.


If the equipment operates in normal mode, but the temperature in the room does not change, first check if the windows and doors are closed.

The next step is to adjust the settings. Perhaps the heating or cooling parameters are set too low, and as a result, the unit only maintains normal room temperature.

Do not forget about such a feature of the split system as a possible 3-minute delay on. Just wait until the unit starts to work.

While waiting, you can look outside and make sure that the external module is free and that something from the balcony or upper floors has not accidentally dropped onto it. Air must always be open to the grill.

 common cause of any malfunction is a dirty filter. Quickly vacuum or more thoroughly with soap and water.

Filter Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Lift the front panel until it clicks so that it remains open.
  2. Carefully grab the filter frame by its mounts, lift and remove it.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, and a damp cloth moistened with water for wet cleaning.
  4. If bactericidal and charcoal are installed in addition to the coarse filters, remove them and vacuum them, and after six months of use, replace them.

Do not use aggressive or abrasive products. If you clean the filters every 2 weeks, the operation of the split system will stabilize, and malfunctions will occur much less frequently.

Violations in work for various reasons

Much less often, Kentatsu air conditioners have malfunctions that require immediate intervention by technical support staff.

On the territory of Russia there are more than 80 authorized service centers, mainly in large cities.

If you live outside the city, you can call the master at home or consult by phone. Often, a few professional tips help you troubleshoot.

Reasons requiring qualified intervention:

  • frequent or unsystematic blinking of indicators, not stopping after several attempts to turn on / off;
  • constant shutdown of the machine on the electrical panel;
  • ingress of foreign objects or water into the enclosure;
  • malfunctions of the remote control or the power button.

Do not forget that the cause of poor operation may be the incorrect installation of one of the blocks. That is why the manufacturer recommends contacting professional installers, rather than connecting the split system yourself.

When repair is not required

Sometimes it may seem to you that the unit does not work or does not work correctly, although it simply runs the program specified by the manufacturer. This applies, for example, delays in the execution of various commands, which can last from 3 to 10 minutes.

Delays occur due to temporary blocking. Modern technology is equipped with a 3-stage protection system:

  • from frequent compressor starts;
  • from freezing of the heat exchanger of the external module;
  • from the supply of cold air.

To prevent the compressor from quickly failing, there is a 3-minute delay on after each shutdown.

At low street temperatures, the heat exchanger is covered with a layer of frost. Thawing takes 4 to 10 minutes. During this time, the fans are idle, and the frost turns into condensate

If the street temperature is too low, the heating of the air in the room is delayed. It takes at least 5 minutes to preheat or defrost the heat exchanger.

Sometimes a light “fog” begins to come out from under the blinds of the indoor unit. Its appearance is associated either with increased air humidity and the temperature difference between the incoming and outgoing air, or with the period after the defrost of the external heat exchanger.

The indoor unit may make strange noises. “Hubble” produces refrigerant moving through the pipes, creak – expansion from heating of plastic elements, light noise – tunable dampers.

If water begins to drip from the case, reduce the humidity in the room: open the dampers as much as possible and increase the fan speed.

A sudden restart may occur due to power outages. Modern models turn on after turning off in automatic mode with the settings set. Some split systems need to be started manually

Disruptions during a thunderstorm are also recognized as normal. They occur due to electromagnetic interference. To get things going, you just need to turn the air conditioner off and on again.

Detailed and clear instructions are attached to new Kentatsu models, thanks to which most of the faults can be fixed on their own.In case of serious damage, contact the service center. It should be remembered that for normal operation, climate equipment requires regular service, which the owner can himself partially produce.


Self-diagnosis of HVAC equipment significantly simplifies its operation and helps to eliminate many malfunctions with your own hands. But even error codes can indicate several causes of failure and often “send” the user to a service center.

Do not forget about regular maintenance of both units, monitor the cleanliness of the filters and do not refuse maintenance – thanks to this, Kentatsu equipment will work much longer than the manufacturer’s service life!