Frequently Asked Questions

The mold and mite spreads through the ventilator of the air conditioner with cold air, and they cause “throat pain”, “sneezing”, “coughing”, “headache”, etc. Moreover, the bacteria continues to spread, increase the dirt inside the air conditioner, turn into sludge and block “drain receptacle” and “drainpipe”. 

Therefore, it is necessary to clean air conditioners regularly.

It is possible to wash the filter at home. However, in order to clean “fan coil”, “fan”, “drain receptacle” and “drainpipe”, procedures such as “detachment of power source” or “drainpipe cleaning with gas” are necessary, meaning it can only be done by a specialist.

The main reason for bad smell coming out of an air conditioner is mold. Due to the condensation caused by cooling the air, inside of an air conditioner is always humid, making it ideal for mold to breed. This cannot be prevented by daily cleaning of the filter. There is a study showing that when turning on an air conditioner, the spore of mold in the room’s air increases more than hundredfold. 
The only way to clean an air conditioner started to smell badly is chemical wash.

There are many. For instance:

  • Makes the cooling more efficient, leading to energy saving and more effective cooling.
  • By removing mold and bacteria regularly and keeping it clean, prevents bad smell, throat pain or coughing.

Chemical wash is always effective in cleaning air conditioner. Especially, when “there is bad smell” or “it is considerably dirty”, normal cleaning will be insufficient and chemical cleaning will be required.

Water condensates in the indoors fan coil, and discharges through a drainage pipe. Water will start leaking when the drainage pipe is choked / clogged.

  • Typically, noise is a result of dirty fan coil.
  • Faulty parts in the aircon system.
  • Vibration noise due to problems with indoor fan coil, or outdoor condenser.

It could be due to a defective electronic circuit board. Our specialists can diagnose and repair issues such as this.

An Inverter system has a variable speed compressor, it has a variable speed compressor. The rotation speed frequency is regulated intelligently to meet specific cooling load requirement. Power consumption is thus more efficient.

The life span of the air conditioner will be shortened, cooling decreases with usage and water leakage problem may occur as a result of a choked drainage system. The inefficient operation will then cause the electricity consumption to increase.