Air conditioning systems from the Swedish brand Electrolux for home or industrial use are of high quality and reliability. But sometimes errors appear on the display of the indoor unit of the air conditioner, and it is not known what to do in such situations.

Should I contact a service center immediately? Perhaps their own knowledge, skills and tools will be enough to eliminate the breakdown. In any case, you must first decipher the fault codes of the Electrolux air conditioner, deal with the causes of their occurrence, and then make a decision.

In the article we will see how the self-diagnostic system of air conditioners of this brand works. We will familiarize ourselves with common errors and ways to resolve them. We learn what rare malfunctions mean and what to do in such situations, as well as what to do to prevent malfunction messages from appearing.


Electrolux air conditioner self-diagnosis system

Structurally, air conditioners are quite complex devices. Inside the units there are refrigeration circuits, control panels, various sensors, valves, inverters and other details.

The incorrect operation of individual elements and components of the equipment should be signaled by the self-diagnostic system – the service system, which belongs to the type of software. It is introduced into the control unit by the “firmware” method.

The abundance of device components has prompted the development of a self-diagnostic system for devices that detects operating errors and displays them as codes.

An alphanumeric message may indicate that the device is not installed correctly, that it needs to be cleaned or recharged.

Failure of the main work units also occurs or replacement of worn parts is required.

But depending on the complexity of the divided system, the number of functions controlled, the decoding of the code marks takes one or more printed pages. Each series of company devices can have its own “firmware”.

The malfunction is determined by comparing the error code with the table, which is presented in the instructions for a particular model or on the official website of the manufacturer

To activate the self-diagnosis process, you must simultaneously press the Temp and MODE remote control .

If you only need to troubleshoot maintenance and cleaning without disassembly, you can handle it yourself. Complex breakdowns, when disassembly, disassembly of the device and replacement of parts are necessary, it is better to entrust to the master.

Sometimes you may come across several errors in the operation of Electrolux air conditioners. In such cases, serious fault codes are determined and, as they are cleared, messages regarding other errors may appear.

The user can perform several simple operations himself:

  • clean and replace filters;
  • unlock the blinds by removing foreign objects;
  • restore normal power supply.

The participation of a certified specialist requires a refrigerant leak, compressor failure, an electric motor, an electronic control system.

Reasons for the protection operation (E1-E9)

The consumption options for all air conditioners are roughly the same, but the functions of protecting against adverse environmental conditions and malfunction are different.

In this case, the protection mechanism of Electrolux air conditioners is triggered and automatically turned off the device. Resume the device after 3 minutes. after stopping.

The protection is tripped if the external and internal conditions do not correspond to the parameters indicated in the table. Such a table can be found in the manual of the device

Reason # 1 – high or low pressure

The operation of the device is supported by a certain pressure in the system. The agent is Freon. The level is controlled by two sensors – high and low pressure.

Low pressure indicates a lack of refrigerant, premature throttling, a weak evaporator, or an expansion valve. High refueling ratios, weak condenser, uncontrolled gas, high outside temperature

Error E1 on the display means that the high pressure sensor has tripped due to a freon filling above normal.

Message E3 indicates low pressure, i.e. insufficient amount of freon in the system. In this case, air conditioning refrigerant is compulsory .

But the reasons may be different and only a specialist should treat them.

If the pressure gauges themselves are broken and need to be replaced, errors appear Fc and Fd .

Reason # 2 – indoor unit freezing

These faults are only eliminated by the captain. Self-intervention can worsen the situation and lead to the irreparable - making repair impossible

Error E2 prevents such a development of events and turns off the device in time, but signals a problem. To get the full picture, you need to inspect the outdoor unit.

Most often, the formation of ice contributes to pollution:

  • filters
  • fan wheels;
  • heat exchanger evaporator surface.

It can also be used to check for obstructions in front of the device or in areas where air is entering. This happens when the device is placed in a niche.

The air inlet must be kept clean and open. You can not cover it with decorative elements, plates.

If the problem is the contamination of parts, the presence of obstacles in the air conditioning system, it is quite possible to fix it yourself.

But the freezing of the internal block is sometimes associated with:

  • problems on the control panel;
  • failure of sensors, thermostatic valve;
  • lack of freon;
  • capillary tube blocked.

In such cases, the master will help you. Attention should also be paid to the conformity of the device type to the operating conditions. Some models are not designed to work in cold weather if winter adaptation is not done.

Reason # 3 – fuse tripped

The air conditioner compressor is an expensive part, so you should follow it even if there is a suspicion of a fault, carry out diagnostics to find out the cause of its occurrence. A significant portion of these items cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

Does the error indicate E4 ? Most often, the fact that a small amount of freon has caused a situation where an insufficient amount of oil enters the compressor crankcase. At the same time, it overheats, the discharge temperature rises. A significant freon leak also causes the entry of air into the refrigeration circuit.

When a compressor related code appears, it is important to diagnose it. If you limit yourself to refueling, installing a filter, eliminating a leak without further inspection, the part will soon fail.

What actions should the assistant take? Analyze the condition of the oil. Check the refrigerant circuit for leaks and humidity. Perform additional system diagnostics.

Reason # 4 – overcurrent

Compressor current is an indicator of a number of system malfunctions. A reduced current indicates that the compressor is operating without load. This means that the freon has leaked.

But an E5 error indicates an increase in current. This occurs when liquid refrigerant rather than gaseous refrigerant is supplied to the inlet of the compressor. The failure is caused by too low outdoor temperatures or dirty filters in the indoor unit.

Other signs also indicate the need to clean the filters: unpleasant odors, extraneous noise during the operation of the device, drop in power, increase in energy consumption

To eliminate the error, it is necessary to check the correspondence of the outside temperature with the minimum values ​​authorized in the device certificate. And also clean the filters.

Reason # 5 – communication line malfunction

Code E6 indicates a failure to connect system components. For example, there is no connection between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.

It is necessary to check all the connectors, but before that, do not forget:

  • turn off the power;
  • wait 3 minutes .;
  • make sure that the rotation of the fan wheel is stopped.

If the error persists, disconnect the interconnect wire, to check it, connect it with a separate line and measure the voltage on the line. Then compare the values ​​obtained with the reference. It is also advisable to check fuses and thermal fuses.

Reason n ° 6 – Conflict of installed modes

If several indoor units are in operation, one of them is determined by the principal, the rest – by subordinates. Once activated, MASTER / SLAVE the equipment operates according to the parameters installed on the main wired remote control and switching also occurs on it.

Error E7 appears when a mode is set to primary and subordinate is enabled on another, for example, heating and cooling or drainage; cooling and heating.

When the main wired remote control is turned off or set to "Ventilation" mode, the system operates according to the parameters set from the slave remote control.

If several wired control devices are turned on simultaneously, the system determines the main unit which will give the minimum value of the number (address).

To eliminate the error E7, it suffices to coordinate the blocks correctly with each other and to define the correct modes.

Reason # 7 – Indoor fan overload

The rotation of the fan blades creates an air flow which passes through the evaporator tubes. If there is no cold air, it may be due to a broken fan. Error E8 indicates a short circuit, line break or part malfunction.

For diagnosis, proceed as follows:

  • remove the top cover;
  • check the wheel, the motor;
  • inspect the blades for damage;
  • make sure there is no obstruction by foreign objects.

To check the freedom and ease of rotation of the blades, rotate them manually. If the shaft with the impeller does not scroll or scrolls with difficulty, the cause of the failure is hidden in the burnt stator winding.

The resource of the motor is usually greater than the device itself, so the part rarely fails. It still has a circuit and testing is needed here.

Sometimes a capacitor or other circuit element needs to be replaced. Only a specialist can perform a full-fledged diagnosis.

Reason # 8 – drainage bath overflow

The drain pump is used to evacuate condensate to the street or to the sewer. This unit is integrated, in correlation with the functions of the system and its operating conditions.

The device is a design of a float, reservoir, motor and tube for draining fluid. The element's resource is large, so it rarely breaks.

Error E9 appears when the drainage bath is full. In this case, the device stops working for cooling, the condensate must be emptied manually.

The reason for this need may be the accumulation of aggressive substances, normal pollution. Useful for cleaning. If the problem persists, call the assistant.

Temperature sensor failures (F)

The sensors are generally semiconductor thermistors. Simple models of Electrolux air conditioners have two of these elements, in smart devices there are more.

Temperature sensors are components that record readings at specific locations outside or inside the system and transmit information to the control unit

According to the data obtained, an adjustment is made: the motor-compressor is active, moderately or goes out, giving an error code.

The following temperature sensors are installed in the indoor unit:

  1. Ambient air . Defines the operating parameters of the compressor. F0 error .
  2. Spray bottle (located in the middle of the element). Stops the compressor if the evaporator temperature drops below zero to prevent the evaporator from icing up. The code is displayed F2 .
  3. At the inlet and at the outlet of the evaporator . Give errors F1 and F3 .
  4. Fan motor . Stops engine if overheated to prevent fire.
  5. Terminal block fuse . It opens the power circuit of the device and burns if overheated by more than 90 degrees.

The general rule of thumb for solving problems with temperature sensors is to find everything connected to them on the control board: there is no signal, breakage, short circuit.

In the outdoor unit there are temperature sensors:

  1. Outside air . It limits the operation of the device if the temperature in the street is lower than the authorized characteristics. The device gives an F4 error and just won’t turn on.
  2. Capacitor . There may be several of these sensors in different places. The function of the element is to maintain the pressure within the desired range under changing conditions outdoors.
  3. Compressor discharge temperatures . With its help, the pressure is indirectly determined. If it exceeds the standard, an error is issued F8 or F9 .
  4. Gas line . Repeat low pressure sensor.

The design of the air conditioner may have a different number of sensors (on the fan motor, connection block and others), but there is only one procedure to issue an error.

To understand whether the thermistor is working or not, you need to determine its resistance, and among the tools you will need an ohmmeter or multimeter, as well as a room thermometer.

We get the sensor, measure the resistance, read the readings, measure the ambient temperature, and verify the numbers with the documentation for the model under review. The average and most common value at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees is 10 kOhm

If the sensor is found to be faulty, to temporarily regain the performance of the device, you can install a permanent or tuning resistor in its place. At the same time, the air conditioner will operate at maximum power, so it is useful to speed up the replacement of the part with a working original.

Atypical display values

If when you activate the “Heating” mode the device starts to work, but after a certain time the air stops blowing, the solar indicator flashes and the inscription H1 lights up , it means that the device is in defrost mode.

It is necessary to turn off the device from the remote control, hold it simultaneously X-fan and MODE . After half an hour, the air conditioner should operate at a normal rate.

Sometimes an incomprehensible code may appear on the screen, the decryption of which is not in the instructions and on the manufacturer's website. For example, the blinking sun and the value of H7

In the event of an H7 error A diagnostic of the control and indication module of the device is required. It can only be performed by a specialist.

Value H6 means that the compressor lockout has been triggered. This happens in two cases: when the sensor itself is broken and its replacement is necessary, or when the freon filling is insufficient.

In addition, with such an error, a variant with poor power supply to the wheel of the indoor unit, which was not taken into account during assembly, is possible. Here you need to dismantle the card to clarify the reason and eliminate it.

Rules for cleaning the air filter

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, it is necessary to clean the air filter after 100 hours of operation of the equipment.

The procedural algorithm is simple:

  1. Switch off the device. Open the front panel.
  2. Gently pull the filter lever towards you. We collect the item.
  3. We wash the filter in warm water with a washing solution.
  4. We dry the room in the shade, we put it in place, we close the device.

If the front panel is dirty, we fix it in the high position, pull it towards you, remove it, rinse it.

Do not use gasoline, thinners, abrasive cleaners .

Do not allow water to enter the indoor unit. There is a risk of electric shock. Therefore, the parts should be removed and washed separately from the unit itself.

If the air conditioner is running in a very dirty room, rinse the filter every two weeks.

Preventing air conditioner operation errors

The quality of the air conditioning installation considerably affects the duration and continuity of its service. The services of professional masters are relatively inexpensive, but pay multiple times.

When installing Electrolux air conditioners, specialists should take into account a number of factors:

  • room area;
  • direction of sunlight;
  • size and location of windows;
  • number of people living;
  • the presence and placement of other equipment.

It is good for the company to provide documentation on the technical design of a specific apartment, house or room.

Each error code on the screens of Electrolux air conditioners makes it easy to determine the cause of the malfunction. The diagnostic system also automates the control of the air conditioning and the control of the operating status of the device.The mechanism for displaying information about a malfunction on the screen allows you to stop the operation device in a timely manner and eliminate the problem. This is a convenient feature for users and service center employees.

It is helpful for air conditioner owners to at least manage the trouble codes to avoid overpaying during repairs or to fix the problem on their own. .