How do you keep your air conditioner?
Whether your air conditioner is keeping you cool and comfortable, or it could use a minor tune-up, there are several ways you can keep your air conditioner running smoothly. Take these steps to help your air conditioner continue to deliver comfort to your home or business.

1. Cover Windows to Block the Sunlight

One of the simplest ways to help your air conditioner cool your home or business is to cover windows and keep the sunlight out. The rising sun peeking through the window can warm up your home or business by several degrees, forcing your air conditioner to work harder. Keep your blinds and curtains closed in the morning, and open them later in the day for the best cooling.

2. Clear out the Condenser Unit

The condenser unit of your A/C should be cleaned regularly. It is usually outside your home, and end up most times gathering debris, dirt and any other particles, which are then blown by breeze around your house. To clear the unit out, use a coil cleaner, flush the coil out and allow it to dry. Finally, you can clean the fins of the condenser with a brush.

3. Check the Evaporator

From time to time, take a look at your A/C’s evaporator. You can find it above the furnace area which is known as the plenum. If you can access the evaporator by yourself, ensure that you clean it out regularly. Experts’ advice that you perform a thorough cleaning of your evaporator, at least once a year. This will help extend the life of your A/C. To clean the evaporator, remove the foil from the front of the plenum, remove the screen or buts and lift the plate off. Use a damp cloth or rag to wipe away the dirt from it, as well as any other build up from the bottom side of the evaporator. You can also use a bush to do this.

4. Clean or Replace the Filter

At the beginning, make sure you remove the grill of your A/C. You can clean it or replace it entirely. Also, make sure you check it at least once every month. If you stay in an area that is elevated and receives more than normal amount of wind, sand or dust, you should clean and replace your filters more frequently than others would.

5. Clean the System’s Fan

Your A/C has fans that cool it while it is working. Take a look at the fans and see if they are dirty. If there are any residues or dust on it, or if the blades are askew, fix it before it becomes a problem. Open the cabinet to access the fan, and then use a damp cloth to clean it. If the blades are loosened, tighten them in place. Also, if the fan has oil ports, drop a few drops of non-detergent motor oil in them at the beginning of every season. This will help system operate at its greatest efficiency.