If your answer is YES, don’t worry about this! A lot of Malaysians like us who stay in such tropical country encounter this issue. Let’s talk about the multiple reasons here!

5 reasons listed as to why your aircon is not cold enough:

1. Insufficient cooling capacity

The temperature will not be cooling enough when you have a large area/room as well as an insufficient cooling capacity installed. There are some factors that cause a less cold room E.g. too many people staying in the area/room, too many used electrical parts, the heat absorbing from window and heat flowing direction. Thus, your area/room won’t feel cold.

2. Filter not wash on a regular basis

Aircon filter should always be clean. If filter is not clean and on maintenance regularly, there will not be fresh air circling around the room/area. As aircon can be dusty and dirty over a period of time, the filter should be clean and wash every month.

3. Wrong installation

You may have purchased from an air conditioning dealer but did not get a professional installation service. Aircon installer might not have followed the specific instruction like distance between ceiling and indoor FCU or the outdoor condenser unit is located at the wrong direction / location.

4. Refrigerant Gas leaking

The main reason that caused reduced refrigerant gas is due to pipe leaks or pipe untighten at join part. If there is no gas leakage at the pipe, the aircon can be long term use.

5. Compressor malfunction

Compressor are the most important part in an air conditioning system. It is considered as the motherboard of the components and accessories. If this compressor mentioned malfunction, it will definitely affect the cooling temperature. E.g., compressor running with “High Amp”