Just like any other air conditioner brand, the problem of Panasonic aircon units running into performance issues is no longer a surprise. For the most part, these problems are likely to go away after doing a couple of quick troubleshooting steps. There’s turning the unit on and off, unplugging it from the socket, or just simply letting it rest for an hour or two.

‍But for issues that are hard to figure out, you will have to check the error code to help you zero in on a specific cause and repair. In this guide, we’ll show you the complete Panasonic error codes and how to use them to fix any issue affecting your aircon unit.​

How to Check Panasonic Aircon Error Codes

  1. Using the remote control, press and hold the check button for 5 seconds
  2. Press and hold the timer button
  3. Press the screen button to display the error code and power indicator light
  4. Once the power and aircon lights start beeping, the error code will start to appear on the display
  5. To turn off the error code query mode, simply hold down the check button for 5 seconds

Panasonic Aircon Error Codes: The Complete List

CodePossible Cause
00HNo detected abnormalities
11HError of data line between indoor unit and outdoor unit
12HOther power error between outdoor unit and indoor unit
14HRoom temperature sensor error
15HCompressor temperature sensor error
16HCompressor load current is too low
19HInternal fan block error
23HChiller temperature sensor error
25HError e-ion circuit
27HOutdoor temperature sensor error
28HHot rig temperature sensor error
30HCompressor output temperature sensor error
33HError connecting internal and external blocks
38HInternal and external block error is not synchronized
58HPATROL circuit error
59HECO PATROL circuit error
97HError on the outdoor unit fan
98HIndoor temperature is too high (heating mode)
99HChilled temperature is too low (freeze)
11FCooling mode / Heating switch error
90FBost booster circuit fault for compressor compressor power block
91FCompressor load line error is too low
93FCompressor rotation speed error
95FHot platform temperature is too high
96FCompressor power transistor overheat (IPM)
97FCompressor temperature is too high
98FCompressor load is too high
99FThe DC output to the compressor is too high