Agree that repairing an air conditioner is an expensive procedure that requires a considerable investment. If you give the device to a service center, you need to be sure of the feasibility of the work, so as not to pay too much for the services. Errors occurring on the dashboard of Artel air conditioners will help to correctly assess the situation.

We will talk about how to determine a malfunction of the climate system without contacting the workshop. Here you will learn how to diagnose in order to present solutions to problems. After familiarizing yourself with the information presented by us, you can decide on the best way to solve the problem – yourself or by the repairers.

Main characteristics of Artel air conditioners

Artel is a leading manufacturer of household appliances. This Uzbek company released 4 series of air conditioners: Montana, Shahrisabz, Inverter and Gloria. They differ from each other in appearance and technical characteristics. The split systems of all models have an anti-corrosion coating on the body, an LED display and a standard air purification system.

A remote control is also included with the device, which is required to perform the following actions:

  • deactivate or reactivate the shared system;
  • night mode activation;
  • changing the level of cooling and heating;
  • check the location of the curtains of the indoor unit;
  • display of error codes (this information appears following a self-diagnosis).

The technology is managed entirely by the remote control. It has a backlight which allows easy readability of the information. The split systems are hung on the wall at a height of 2 to 2.5 meters, so you can only control them using the remote control.

Air conditioners use safe refrigerant or freon R-410A (a compound of pentafluoroethane and difluoromethane) and R-22 (difluorochloromethane). These air conditioners can operate in temperatures down to -7 degrees Celsius.

For heating work in winter, the device requires additional technical training. The devices can operate in heating, blowing and cooling modes. But in Artel split systems, air ionization functions are not provided.

In case of breakdowns or malfunctions, the air conditioner generates error codes which indicate a particular malfunction. Using this code, a specialist at the service center will be able to determine the nature of the fault and carry out repairs. Information on the main characteristics of the air conditioner is given in its technical passport and instructions for use.

Regardless of the air conditioner model, before the start of each season, you must perform a complete check and maintenance of the device . This includes cleaning the outdoor unit and checking the refrigerant level. But the split system can fail even if the equipment is fully operational.

The user manual contains information:

  • on the surface area of ​​the premises served;
  • on the sale price;
  • on power;
  • on temperature conditions;
  • overall dimensions (this information is necessary to select the installation location of the equipment);
  • on the availability of additional operating modes (night, timer, Turbo, etc.).

These parameters must be taken into account when installing air conditioner . The efficiency of the equipment depends on it. If you install a low-power split system in a large room, it will not be able to provide complete cooling. For this reason, when installing the air conditioner, you should carefully study the instructions and specifications so that in the future there are no problems with its operation.

Violations in the operation of divided systems

Malfunctions in the operation of the Artel air conditioner indicate mechanical damage to the device, wear of defective parts or equipment. The air conditioner is equipped with an automatic self-diagnosis system. It allows you to quickly determine the nature and cause of the problem.

Self-diagnosis is a useful operation that allows you to determine the cause of the failure, quickly replace defective parts or check the normal operation of the divided system

Fault information is displayed as alphanumeric fault codes on the screen. Error codes are needed when repairing an air conditioner to quickly determine the type of failure.

Conventionally, all air conditioner errors can be divided into the following categories:

  • malfunction of temperature sensors on the motherboard (this usually happens due to a short circuit or a missing signal);
  • problems with compressors;
  • overheating or freezing of system components;
  • network short circuit;
  • power failure and other power problems;
  • clogged air filters (the most common malfunctions of air conditioning equipment);
  • equipment motor overload blockage;
  • drainage pump problems;
  • interruptions in the operation of the indoor unit;
  • problems in the power part of the equipment (most often this is due to the lack of a start signal or unstable current);
  • failures of the float sensor in the drainage system;
  • failure of microchips and printed circuits;
  • interface errors;
  • Incorrect installation of components.

Sometimes in the air conditioner there are simultaneously malfunctions of the working circuit and electrical components. In order to keep the climate equipment in good condition, it is recommended to react quickly to the appearance of error codes on the display.

This will help prevent serious dysfunction in a timely manner. Using the air conditioner with insects may cause more breakdown.

Typical errors of Artel air conditioners

The error codes of Artel air conditioners allow you to quickly and quickly determine the cause of the failure. They can be divided into 2 groups. The first includes errors in the range F1-F7 . If such a code is displayed on the split system screen, the problem should be investigated in the temperature sensors and details associated with them.

If an error code of the form E0-e6 , the problem may be a malfunction of the power part of the device. The Artel equipment manual contains a few reasons for equipment failures without indicating their code.

If after turning on the air conditioner there is no cold air, you can restart the system. Usually it takes 3 minutes for self-diagnosis. If the air conditioner is not powered, the protection relay has tripped. If during the operation of the split system steam appears in the blinds, the reason is the sharp difference in air temperature.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of air conditioning errors. These problems can be triggered by dusty fans, a crack in the pipe through which the freon flows, contamination of the filters of the indoor unit, etc. Timely diagnostics and maintenance can eliminate many split system problems until the equipment is completely out of service.


If you have any problems with climate technology, you should read the user manual first. For normal operation of the split system, it is necessary that in summer the difference between the temperature on the street and in the room does not exceed 4-5 degrees
Air conditioner fault codes always appear on the display and have a standard designation using Latin letters and numbers

Freon leak in Artel conditioners

Freon leakage is often observed in Artel air conditioners. It is associated with improper transportation, poor installation, or sloppy operation. As a result, the external unit of the device is often damaged and the freon leaks. To replace the working fluid in a split system, contact a service center.

The network pipes are connected mechanically in conventional air conditioners. This installation method allows a small leakage of refrigerant from the system and assumes its annual refueling, raising the freon level to a standard value.

A normal and natural leak rate is estimated to be around 2-3% per year (around 150-200 g). That is, over time, the active substance of the circuit is still partially eroded.

Large freon leaks are usually associated with installation errors and improper operation (for example, due to radiator failure). They can be found when inspecting copper pipes. If refrigerant leaks, ice and frost will form on the pipes. Such a leak can cause serious mechanical problems.

Suspicious noise during operation

Loud noise in the external part of the air conditioner usually occurs due to errors during transportation of the unit, improper installation and careless handling. If the noise appeared some time after the start of the operation (six months, a year) and resembles a hum, this indicates a weakening of the screws or screws used in the installation of the product.

In addition, a loud hum can indicate increased wear on the compressor. This is due to the fact that, for example, the device is not intended for too heavy loads. In addition, noise appears due to the imbalance of the fan blades, on which dirt and dust are deposited unevenly. In this case, you need to clean the fan or replace it completely with a new one.


Simplified, the air conditioner fan is an electric motor with a turbine, ensures the blowing of the evaporator and has several rotation speeds

If the noise sounds like a clicking sound, check the automation. Such a sound indicates a malfunction of internal parts. A gurgling sound indicates that air has entered the appliance’s drainage system and the condensate cannot flow out. To solve the problem, you need to straighten the tube at a right angle to remove excess air.

Artel icing air conditioner

If the exterior part of the split system in winter is covered with ice in heating mode when powering up, this is quite normal. The degree of icing of the air conditioner depends on the humidity of the environment. When the device has been operating in heating mode for a long time, condensation accumulates on the external radiator, which gradually turns to ice.

Over time, this ice begins to melt. The process of thawing ice is called defrosting. This word comes from “DEFROST” – to thaw or thaw.

Water leakage from a divided system

The water leakage from the dryer of the indoor unit of the air conditioner occurs for two reasons. This can occur due to inadvertent cleaning of the indoor unit filters and contamination of the radiator from a drain hole.

Usually, it is the pollution of the internal filter of the divided system that disrupts the air circulation inside the system. Because of this, dirt blocks the drain hole, and condensate does not escape through it, but drains completely out of the device.

The filters of the indoor unit of the air conditioner are regular fine mesh and are located under the front panel through which the air is drawn.

In addition, these blockages lead to icing of copper pipelines. Such malfunctions occur due to improper installation of the indoor unit. Flush the split system filters once every 3-4 weeks.

To clean the filters from dirt, rinse them with clean water, dry them and return the parts to their original position. The clogging of the drain pipe becomes the most common cause of condensate leakage from the indoor unit.

Sometimes a condensate leak is associated with a poorly equipped or initially faulty drainage system. Fluid cannot flow freely through damaged or kinked tubing, and excess moisture will fall onto the device. In case of incorrect or poor quality installation of the drainage system, you will have to redo it completely.

Typical mistakes when installing an air conditioning drainage system include:

  1. A poorly drilled hole when condensate does not naturally flow at a slight angle outward, but flows inward.
  2. Low quality materials from which the drainage tube was made.
  3. Violation of the lamination technology, because of which the heat exchanger freezes, then the system warms up to clean itself of excess liquid.
  4. Violation of the thermal insulation of the French pipe, because of which not only moisture, but also freon flows out of the system. To solve this problem, it is better to contact a specialized service center and repair the device under warranty.
  5. The drainage tube is clogged with insects, as they often search for water and climb into it for condensation, to prevent them from entering the drainage system, it is recommended to install mosquito nets on the tube. But the mesh also gets dirty over time and needs to be cleaned.

Condensation can also occur due to malfunctioning pipes and depressurization of the outdoor unit of the equipment. That is, due to the appearance of excessive pressure or weakening of the nozzles, depressurization of the working circuit occurs and a leak appears.

In addition, water leakage from the split system may occur due to improper use of the unit. This usually happens during full power operation, when a huge amount of condensate builds up and overflows the tank.

In addition, condensate in the system can accumulate due to the inclusion of climate technology in the low season. If it is too cold at night at this time, the condensate freezes and thaws again during the day. The subsequent activation of the air conditioner overloads the condensation system of the device and causes a number of malfunctions.

Insufficient cooling of the room

Poor air conditioning cooling can occur due to insufficient power or internal failures. That is, the power of the split system may not be sufficient to provide a given temperature in the room.

Sometimes it is caused by strong climate change. If the fault is not associated with a temperature change, you should check the condition of the electronics and indoor units. After all, the malfunctions of the air conditioner can be associated with an internal malfunction of the device.

If the parts are covered with dirt, they will not reach the required temperature. Indoor and outdoor unit filters, heat exchangers and indoor unit fan are usually clogged. If the fractionated system works contaminated for a long time, the device will undergo a heavy load, which will lead to serious malfunctions in its operation.

If the air conditioner does not cool and heat, but works as a fan, this indicates a recent power surge. In this case, the protection of the split system is triggered, because it can blow for a long time without heating and cooling. This is also observed when changing the mode, when the air conditioner cannot rebuild itself quickly and it takes a long time to turn it on.

Short cycle air conditioner

If the Artel air conditioner stops working 15-20 minutes after starting to use, you need to check the external heater. It is often clogged with dust, dirt, lint, etc. Due to the contamination of this part, the whole system overheats and the device stops working. To solve the problem, you need to rinse it with strong water pressure.

In addition, this situation can occur after two Freon refueling systems , if the refrigerant balance is disturbed. If you measure the operating pressure in the compressor, you can determine the amount of freon in the air conditioner. In the event of an early shutdown due to overloading the system with refrigerant, the excess liquid must be drained.

Too much air drying

In most cases, the Artel air conditioner dries out the air due to incorrect or lost settings. That is, Before looking for a fault, make sure that the device included for cooling rather than draining. If the parameters are set correctly, you need to check the status of the filters.

Often the cause of severe air drying becomes contaminated filters that need to be washed and dried. If the filters are clean, check the level of refrigerant in the system, if the freon is not enough, it must be recharged, after which the device will operate at full capacity.

Bad smell from air conditioner

From a divided system, he can smell differently. The plan for additional repairs depends on the characteristics of the odor. If the air conditioner smells of burning, you should immediately disconnect the device from the network and call the assistant. Such a smell indicates a fire in the electrical wiring inside the equipment.

A home air conditioner can only catch fire in an emergency due to a factory fault or a short circuit on the line

The smell of plastic (plastic) indicates that the device is made of poor quality materials. That is, probably not the original Artel air conditioner, but its fake. In this case, it is not possible to eliminate the smell, you cannot completely replace the divided system.

The “flavor” of the mold indicates that a fungus has appeared and spread inside the equipment. To remove this moisture mate is possible only with the help of antifungal agents. You can buy them at any pharmacy and process the device yourself. If the air from the air conditioner emits an unpleasant odor that is difficult to identify, clean the air filter.

ome breakdowns of the air conditioner can be easily avoided if you follow the rules of operation of the device. If the equipment still fails, you should investigate the cause of the failure and make a repair plan or contact the service center for help.

For self-correction errors, it is necessary, at least in general terms, to present the principle of operation of the split system and all its components.