Agree that any (even the most reliable) technique can break. TCL air conditioners are no exception. During the launch or operation of these split systems, various problems can occur. They are quickly determined by the internal self-diagnosis system.

Some errors of TCL air conditioners can be eliminated without the involvement of professionals, and some require contacting a service center. Based on the display, the owner of the split system can determine the nature of the malfunction and draw up an approximate plan for solving the problem.

We will talk about how to identify a violation by decrypting the signal encoded by the manufacturer. We will show you which way is better to go to correct the situation. Our recommendations will help fix the problem and extend the life of the climate equipment.

Varieties of malfunctions of air conditioners

Chinese TCL air conditioners have proven themselves in the global market as an inexpensive and reliable climate control equipment. But periodically and they become worthless and require complex repairs.

All malfunctions of TCL split systems can be divided into:

  • errors of voltage, current or temperature sensors;
  • EEPROM firmware malfunctions;
  • problems with the engine of the indoor unit;
  • changes in interconnections;
  • emergency stop errors.

The fact that the device malfunctioned can be found thanks to the indicators on the case air conditioning and split systems or information displayed on the display. Those. sometimes the timer LEDs that were previously lit evenly suddenly flash (randomly or in a certain order), and sometimes an alphanumeric combination appears on the display.

It is important to correctly identify the combination of letters and numbers that appear on the display of the TCL air conditioner in order to determine the repair and completely repair

When an error indication appears, a lot depends on exactly when the malfunction occurred. If a breakdown of the air conditioner was detected during the installation of the device (and the installation of the equipment is carried out by a representative of a company accredited by the manufacturer), the owner of the split system may require a replacement product.

If, however, a malfunction in the air conditioner occurs a few months or years after installation, the device will need to be repaired at a service center or have it repaired by itself.

Error codes for climate technology

Conventional error codes on the TTL split system have a standard look. At the beginning of the code is the letter E, followed by a number or a Latin letter.

These combinations indicate:

  • E0 – a code indicating the lack of communication between indoor and outdoor units (to fix the problem, check the interconnect connection, as well as the boards of the outdoor and indoor units);
  • E2 – indication of a malfunction of the temperature sensor of the evaporator;
  • E3 – error code of the temperature sensor of the capacitor;
  • E4 – a general indicator of system malfunction;
  • E5 – the indicator indicates a type mismatch;
  • E6 – error code of the air conditioning indoor unit;
  • E7 – a combination indicating problems with the temperature sensor of the external unit;
  • E8 – error code of the compressor discharge temperature sensor;
  • E9 – indicator of an inverter board malfunction;
  • Ef – Indication of problems with the fan motor of the indoor unit;
  • EA – an indicator of problems with the current sensor;
  • Ee – firmware error code;
  • EP – indication of problems with the compressor thermal relay;
  • EU – a combination of faults in the voltage sensor;
  • Eh – error code of the temperature indicator of the suction pipe.

Emergency stop error codes have different designations. At the beginning of the code is the Latin letter P, followed by a number.

These indicators include:

  • P1 – an indicator of low or high voltage;
  • P2 – A code indicating problems with overcurrent protection;
  • P4 – indication of exhaust overheating protection errors;
  • P5 – an index of problems with protection against subcooling in the cooling mode;
  • P6 – code of problems of protection against overheating in cooling mode;
  • P7 – indication of errors of protection against overheating in heating mode;
  • P8 – indicator of overheating or overcooling protection;
  • P9 – a code indicating a problem in the protection of the drive (as part of program control);
  • P0 – module protection error indicator (hardware control).

The error code is a hint. It indicates the direction of the problem search. If you know what exactly this or that combination means, you can determine in advance whether to contact a service center or there is no need for it.

The main problems in the operation of air conditioners


Each failure of the split system requires analysis and a detailed identification of the causes. Only in this case can the problem be completely eliminated.

The characteristic signs of malfunctions of climatic equipment and its improper operation include:

  • ignoring remote control commands and other handling problems;
  • the appearance of uncharacteristic sounds during the operation of the split system;
  • lack of cooling (or heating);
  • sudden shutdown of equipment;
  • leakage of liquid and freon on the device;
  • the appearance of unpleasant odors, etc.

Any changes in the operation of the air conditioner require extreme attention. Not all possible malfunctions of climate technology are described in its accompanying documentation.

Problems managing a split system

If the climate control equipment does not respond to signals from the control panel, as well as to the commands of the ON / OFF buttons on the cabinet, first check if it is connected to the network.

Similar situations happen if the line crashes or there are problems with the wiring.Then you should make sure that there are batteries in the remote control and that they are working, and also that the polarity was observed when installing them.

There is no need to save on batteries (batteries) for the wireless remote control, since the convenience of using the air conditioner depends on it

fter this, the absence of any obstacles that may interfere with the signal from the remote control to the air conditioner is checked. Other electrical appliances and fluorescent lighting can interrupt the signal. For a full check, you need to turn off all equipment, and then try to start the split system.

If there are no obstacles, you need to make sure that the remote control is working. To do this, you need to take a smartphone, turn on the camera on it, press the control button on the remote control and point the phone camera at it. If the gadget displays a glow from the emitter, then the problems are not in the wireless remote control. Otherwise, it must be repaired.

If the remote control is operational, and the air conditioner is turned on only using the buttons on the case, it is recommended to look at the status of the IR signal receiver. If the split system does not fully respond to button presses or turns on, but does not cool (does not heat) the air, this indicates a problem with the control board.

The fuses on the board periodically burn, so they should be checked first.

The control board is an electronic unit with a central microprocessor located on the right side of the indoor unit (this part is often called the brain of an air conditioner)

If the climate device does not turn on at all, this can also indicate violations of cable interconnects and activation of the protective mode of the system.

These failures are caused by problems with the electronics of the equipment, and therefore it is not recommended to repair it yourself. It is better to immediately contact a service center where they will conduct a complete diagnosis and repair the malfunction.

When buying a TCL air conditioner, it is necessary to clarify in advance where the official service centers are located, so that in the event of a device breakdown, contact immediately

You can only independently verify the operation of the current fuse and varistor. These elements may burn out in the event of a short circuit or power surge. A fuse is a transparent box or flexible insert with contact across the dielectric housing. The varistor looks like a small resistor soldered to the control board.

Inadequate air cooling


If insufficient air is blowing from the air conditioner, first you need to check the external causes. Cooling problems may be caused by improper selection of climate technology.

A low-power air conditioner cannot fully cool a large room. Similar problems can occur if the street is very hot and stuffy, and the windows in the room are open. A constant flow of warm air will interfere with cooling.

You also need to remember that the split system is not able to instantly cool the air. It usually takes about 15 minutes to create the optimal indoor climate. Those. after turning on the air conditioner, sometimes you just need to wait.

If this is not the case, you should look for possible breakdowns and malfunctions in the TCL air conditioner design itself. These include blockages in the air filter and condenser coils.If the filter is dirty, air cannot freely pass through the system. If too much dirt and dust has accumulated, the evaporative coils will freeze.

This will significantly reduce the cooling ability of the device. If the capacitor coils become dirty, the heat dissipation efficiency decreases, and it becomes impossible to maintain the proper room temperature.

After that, it is worth inspecting the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit. If it is polluted (a lot of dust, fluff, pollen, etc.), heat transfer is markedly reduced. Because of this, the production of cold is reduced, which in the future can lead to stops and breakdown of climate equipment.

If the outdoor unit is in an accessible and safe place, you can clean it yourself using mechanical means (brush, sponge, broom) and a low pressure washer. If it is located on the wall of a high-rise building, you cannot clean it yourself. For these purposes, it is advisable to contact the service center and specialized organizations.

Cleaning the outdoor unit of the air conditioner at a height requires certain knowledge and skills, and therefore it is better to entrust it to professionals

Also, insufficient cooling of air conditioners is often associated with breakdowns of compressors and their components (for example, overload fuses and capacitors). To replace them, it is better to contact specialized service centers.

Another common failure in TCL split systems is thermostat failure. It is this detail that controls the air temperature. When the air in the room heats up too much, the thermostat activates a switch that starts the compressor and fan.

In addition, the air conditioner may have problems with cooling due to the breakdown of the thermistor. This sensor detects the air temperature in the room. It is connected to the control board and in the event of a breakdown, it is simply removed and changed to a new one.

Sometimes the cooling functions of a split system are reduced due to malfunctions directly in the control panel, because it controls the voltage on the compressor and fan motors. If the air conditioner board breaks, then other parts also quickly fail.

Leaking refrigerant from the air conditioner can also cause the unit to become unable to cool the room. A small leak of freon circulating in the system always occurs. It is the result of the joints of the connecting tubes.

The annual rate of refrigerant (freon) leakage in a household air conditioner is 6 - 8 percent of the amount that the equipment was charged with

To compensate for these losses, every year refrigerant refueling equipment. But such a leak cannot cause a major breakdown, as it is provided by the manufacturer. Problems arise only in the event of a large leak.

It can be easily determined by the following signs:

  1. Frost and ice appear on the fitting connections of the outdoor unit.
  2. Compressor insulation darkens.
  3. The compressor thermal protection relay trips periodically.
  4. The smell of burning and oil.

The leak must be repaired quickly, as this can lead to overheating and further damage to the compressor of the outdoor unit. Also, due to the lack of freon, the compressor lubrication system is disrupted, due to which the oil is carried to the heat exchanger of the split system. Because of this, the gas temperature rises, and the 4-way valve can simply be damaged by the hot stream.

Problems with space heating

Air conditioners supporting the heating function must be equipped with a winter kit of additional parts. It ensures the normal functioning of the external unit of the device at negative temperature values.

In the winter kit there are special heating elements (they are called TENami in another way). The heating elements heat the compressor crankcase, due to which the oil in the system does not thicken, and the condensate flowing from the drainage system does not freeze.

Not all models of HVAC equipment can work for heating in the winter. If this function is provided in the equipment, but it does not work, the problem may be related to leakage of refrigerant from the vicious circle. In this case, the equipment will not be able to work on cooling. Also, problems with the heating mode arise due to severe contamination of the impeller of the external unit or heat exchanger.

Specific odor spread

The air conditioner is not a cleaner or humidifier, but it should not smell bad. Unpleasant odors usually do not indicate any problems in the operation of the device, but a banal pollution. For example, if the unit has not been turned on and cleaned for a long time, then dust and mold accumulate on it (and in it!), Due to which a specific aroma of mustiness and dampness appears.

To eliminate the appearance of unpleasant odors, you need to regularly clean air conditioner (including antiseptic agents) and carry out its preventive maintenance. The dust filters and the panel of the indoor unit should be periodically cleaned of dirt.

If the recommended filter life has expired, they must be changed even if the device has not been used much. Also, to prevent the appearance of extraneous aromas, it is recommended to periodically turn on the split system for a short time.

Before cleaning the home air conditioner, disconnect the equipment from the mains, partially disassemble and thoroughly wash every part of the device

If the split system is regularly turned on and cleaned, a bad smell can be caused by disturbances in the drainage. Connecting drainage elements at the wrong angle will result in stagnant water and unpleasant odors. If the air conditioner smells like sewage, check the connection of the drain pipe.

A similar problem is typical for cases when the drainage pipe is included in the sewage system without a siphon, and it is the siphon that plays the role of a water seal and prevents the appearance of “toilet” odors.

The appearance of strange sounds when working

The air conditioner produces certain noises during operation, but many of them do not indicate any problems. For example, clicks of a thermal relay or a small hiss when you turn on the split system are absolutely safe.

Only some sounds indicate a malfunction of the climate technology, which include:

  • fan bounce, indicating bearing damage, ice or broken impellers;
  • hissing of pipes through which freon passes (indicates a violation of the tightness of the line);
  • strong hum, indicating the pollution of the heat exchanger;
  • squealing whistle, which is a sign of problems with the regulating transformer, etc.

If immediately after turning on the air conditioner strange strange sounds uncharacteristic for it appear, it is recommended to turn off the split system and wait a bit. If after restarting the noise does not disappear, you must look for the cause yourself or contact a specialized service center.

Sudden air conditioner shutdown


If the climate technology turns on, but suddenly stops working literally 15 minutes after starting, this may be due to a number of malfunctions. Such problems include radiator contamination, problems in the operation of the thermostat, breakdown of the control board or malfunctions in the basic settings.Such malfunctions often arise due to strong mechanical stresses.

Also, the air conditioner may suddenly turn off after filling the system with freon. If there is too much refrigerant, an imbalance and system overload will occur. In this case, measure the operating pressure of the compressor and get rid of excess fluid.

But the achievement by the air conditioner of the desired value of the air temperature in the room and its subsequent shutdown is not considered a malfunction. Those. Before starting the inspection and repair, you need to make sure that the refusal to work really took place.

If the system gives specific error codes, you need to find the cause of the TCL air conditioner breakdown and fix it. Almost all the malfunctions of air conditioners are a consequence of their improper use, installation errors or lack of normal maintenance. In order to minimize the likelihood of breakage, climate equipment must be looked after and, for example, cleaned.

If the air conditioner has stopped working, then its self-diagnosis system will help to determine the cause of the problem, but you should not rush to repair the device yourself. Most problems require professional intervention. Only in this case will it be possible to save expensive climate equipment and successfully use it for a long time.