Do you think your AC needs servicing? After a long day at work, you come home, switch on the AC and prepare yourself for a relaxing night but as you settle into your bed to get a good night’s sleep, you notice that something isn’t right.

We all know an AC is expensive to replace, so it’s important that you know the warning signals before it totally gives up on you. 

1. Your AC is Not Emitting Cool Air

It should be a clear sign that your AC isn’t working if there is no cool air blowing out even when it’s turned on to full blast. The compressor could be damaged or the cooling agent level could be low. Call a professional to do maintenance and fix it for long-term durability.

2. Irregular Air Flow From Your AC Unit

If cool air from your AC is not circulating well, something may be amiss. It could be a compressor issue, dirty filters, or clogged air-ducts. It won’t cost you much to get this sorted, but if you don’t, the resulting damage may cost you a lot more.

3. Your Air Con Sounds Odd

You shouldn’t hear strange sounds from your AC. If you do, switch off the unit immediately as running your AC this way could be damaging. Remember, your AC unit is meant to lull you into dreamland gently and not wake you with loud raucous noises.

4. Leakage or Moisture Around Your AC

Is there moisture around your AC unit? Do you notice a leak? This could be a serious issue if the cooling agent is leaking out or there is a blocked drainage tube. Be mindful of children and pets; ensure that the unit is turned off until you get a technician to look at it.

5. Bad Odour From Your AC

If the air blowing out smells musty or burnt, this is a tell-tale sign that your AC may have some internal damages already. Whether it’s a burnt wire or just stinky air from mould growth around the ducts, get it checked out immediately by a professional.

Replace Your Air Conditioner When It Begins to Wear and Tear

Consider regularly maintaining your air conditioner to ensure your AC works effectively and efficiently, so you can live in comfort every day.

If your AC unit frequently shows any of the above signs, it may be due for a replacement.