Air conditioners have become a ubiquitous part of our daily life. Heat comes with serious consequences to human life and health which makes the use of air conditioner important and makes a good air conditioning system a worthwhile investment. Air conditioners vary in a lot of factors such as price, energy efficiency and cooling capacity. With the introduction of new technologies, healthcare benefits and energy efficiency, consumers have become more aware of their necessities and they have a wide variety of brands and product offerings to choose from.
Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for an AC. This air-conditioner buying tips and guide will help you get the best one in your budget. Below are the pointers to be kept in mind while buying an Air conditioner:

1. Choose the correct size air conditioner

The size/capacity of the AC should be as per the size of your room. Choose an air conditioner with the right cooling capacity according to your room space. If it is bigger it will not be able to provide proper dehumidification, a unit with too high of a cooling capacity for space can turn off and on too often and the smaller one will cost you more in terms of energy consumption.

2. Choose a reputable aircon supplier

Choosing an air conditioner encompasses not only ensuring that the make and warranty are good, but remember that having chosen the unit, there is an installation process that follows and of course its long-term servicing and maintenance. This is essential to its efficiency and economy of performance. Only a reputable aircon dealer can assure you that all of these bases are covered.

3. Ensure your are purchasing a good quality air conditioner

As with most products there are superior and inferior makes of Air conditioners. In the first place, remember that buying a second hand unit is not really recommended, as a new unit will have at least a one or two or in some cases 3 or 5 year warranty, giving you some assurance of the reliability of your purchase. A good quality unit however, provided it is regularly serviced and well maintained by a reputable Aircon company, will last you many years beyond that. So choose a good, reliable brand that will give you an acceptable warranty and many years good service.

4. Other important features

Most air-conditioning units come with a dehumidification function, which helps in getting rid of excess moisture in the air during the monsoon season. The other is the sleep mode function which saves on power bills by reducing cooling every hour. It is useful in conditions where the outside temperature drops considerably in the middle of the night. These days ACs even come with a self-cleaning feature which prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms by keeping moisture away and helps you to get cleaner, better cooling and therefore your AC will last longer.

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