Why You Should Service Your Aircon Regularly


In order for your aircon to stay in tip-top shape, you must ensure that it’s regularly maintained. Its filters, fins as well as coils need to be cleaned every now and then for you to get value for your money. An effectively and efficiently working aircon unit means less energy bills and a longer life span.

Originally, aircon units used to be given a “normal” wash just like you would a car. However, this meant that its inner bits which are the heart and soul of it were never catered to, and this gave birth to cleaning methods termed as; chemical wash and chemical overhaul.

Chemical Wash And Its Benefits


A chemical wash involves a professional technician tearing apart your aircon unit so that he/she can better clean the coils as well as air filters and water trays using a solution that is chemical in nature. Some of the benefits of using this kind of solution to clean these components is that it contains ingredients that kill molds as well as other harmful bacteria. The icing on the cake is that it also stops their growth. Doing a chemical wash on your aircon helps to keep that energy bill in check since the aircon will have less build up that slows down air flow.

The number one reason you got that unit in the first place was to have pure quality air flowing in your living room- a chemical wash will give you that! So, how do you know your aircon needs a chemical wash? You are the best candidate if your unit has not been receiving regular servicing, and when your technician comes around and tells you that the grime and dusk up there is difficult to remove with just their usual equipment.

Chemical Overhaul And Its Benefits


When would you need a chemical overhaul service? A chemical overhaul goes further than a chemical wash. Where the technician cleans the coils, filter and water trays, they will also deal with the drainage pipes, heat exchange coils as well as the blower wheels. The technician looks at the entire unit looking for any anomalies and if any are found, they are fixed! Cleaning and fixing- two in one (how cool!). It is recommended that you carry out this kind of maintenance on your unit once every year. Some of its benefits include the fact that you will get that gush of fresh air once your drainage pipes have been cleaned out along with the other parts.

Plus, a chemical overhaul ensures you a functional aircon for many years to come without the need to replace expensive parts. Apart from the advisable annual chemical overhaul cleaning, you will need this kind of cleaning should you hear strange noises or sound coming from your aircon. This is because this could mean a part needs to be replaced. A chemical overhaul may also be necessary when the drainage pipes of the aircon are blocked, which annoyingly diminishes its performance; and when the aircon vents have dust particles.

Chemical Wash And Chemical Overhaul: Which One?


Looking at these aircon cleaning methods, it’s clear that you need them both albeit one more frequently than the other. Incorporating both of them into your regular maintenance routine will by all means save you hundreds of dollars in spare part purchase as well as ensure longevity of your unit. A chemical wash will guarantee that the basic main parts; coils as well as air filters and water trays are properly cleaned out, hence preventing mold growth that could severely affect your health and general well-being.

A chemical overhaul will even go deeper than that ensuring your pipes are clean allowing the free flow of air and the optimal performance of the aircon unit. Though it’s advisable that you do a chemical overhaul once a year, you could ask your professional technician in case more may be needed or if you feel that your unit is not performing as expected. This could be due to some of the reasons listed above. However, you need a chemical wash every now and then. To stretch the years that your unit serves you, incorporate them both.

Therefore, having read all the above and understood the difference between a chemical wash and a chemical overhaul, no doubt you can now make a more informed decision in regard to what kind of cleaning your aircon needs. It’s important to bear in mind that neglecting to effectively and efficiently clean you aircon unit using either or both of these methods greatly impends its functionality reducing its life span very fast.

You would not want to see your hard earned money go down the drain after a few years of purchase. A chemical wash will give you a mold-free unit with high quality air. A chemical overhaul service will ensure that worn out parts are replaced in time together with a gush of fresh air. Both will greatly reduce your energy bill and prolong the life of your aircon.